Monday, 13 October 2014

9 Months

How old:
9 months

20lbs 2oz

What's new?
He say's Uh-oh and waves bye bye, 
He stands on his own and is very close to taking his first steps.

 What he loves: 
Drumming :)
Ice Cream

 Night Sleep:
Wakes up 1-2 times to eat.

Yesterday at our thanksgiving gathering we went outside for a few mins to get some pics..Si wasn't to excited about the idea though so no smiles from him :)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

21 things For 21 years.

Today is the day I turn 21, I keept on thinking I was turning 22 but my sweet Husband let me know I was turning 21...It is always nice being younger then you think! :) So for fun I thought I would write 21 random fact's about me :)

1. My favorite color is purple
2. I don't like punch
3. I have never flown in a plan other then a small 4 seater.
4. I have always wanted red walls in my kitchen, and Henry has assured me that my dream will come true someday! :)

5. My hair is naturally curly, most days I love it and alot of days...lets just say FRIZZ!! 
6. I am a photographer :)
7. I am a wife to the most amazing man
8. and a mother to the cuties kid on this planet!! :)

9. I like pop-corn
10. And Ice Cream
11. Someday I would like to go skydiving
12. My favorite # is 15 because a lot of good things have happened on the 15th.
May 15 2011 - First time we attended lighthouse and first time I met Henry.
December 15th- Dad let me know that Henry wanted to court me and of course I said YES! :)
January 15th- We got engaged 
We really should have gotten married on a 15th as well...:)

13. I have 4 sisters, 8 brothers, 4 sister-in-law's and 4 brother-in law's and 12 Nieces and Nephews! 
14. I have shot 18 wedding.
15. I have moved twice in my life, once one I was around 1 years old and then when I got married!
16. I was home schooled
17. I have always wanted a pet monkey
18. I like to clean.
19. I am shy
20. I don't drink Coffee or Tea..they are both EW 
(Right auntie Amanda & Grandma??? :)
21. I feel like the most blessed girl on this joke! God has richely blessed me and I am excited to see what year 21 of life has in store for me! :)  
Thanks to my awesome husband for taking all these photo's...he is the best! :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Happy Fall From Si Bear

 Today is the first day of fall, it's my very first fall other then when I was in my mommy's tummy but I don't really remember much from that :)

Mommy said she wanted to take a few pictures ( and by a few she usually means almost 100, I learn't that at a young age )  of me in the leaves outside, I was happy to agree to this idea since I love being outside!  

 After a few min's of smiling and watching my crazy mommy making silly faces and noises trying to get me to smile,  you know what she did? She threw leaves on top of me!

"It will be cute" she said. I was NOT impressed! 

But I decided to suck it up and not be such a princess.

Then there right in front of me was this delicious looking leaf, even though mommy tells me I shouldn't eat leaves I couldn't help but have a little taste.

And then do you know what happened?? MOMMY TOOK IT OUT OF MY MOUTH!!

I was quite sad!

But again I got over it and not long after saw another leaf that looked really yummy!

 But boy oh boy was I wrong about that!

This one tasted disgusting!! 

 So I spit it out and thought about what I should eat next..

Mommy was kind enough to give me some apples she found laying on the ground, she said they were for props. But I am sure she wanted me to taste them all!

It was yummy, much better then the last leaf I had eaten!

Mommy say's it is time for me to go for a nap now. I hope that if you taste leaves you get a better tasting one then I did, maybe you should just stick to apples... :)

Happy Fall!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Perogie Day

 Last week Silas and I headed out to my family's for there last day of harvest and perogie making day! It has been a tradition to make perogies during harvest for the last few years and I try to make it out to help make them...or maybe it is just so I can eat some :) 

Of course Silas had fun with all his aunties and uncles! :)

Elijah got himself a potato! 

There may have been some cooking making and eating as well...

Perogie time!!

This sweet girl is the master behind the perogies, we all just help :)


 Many hands make the work light.

Having troubles Becca?

There we go :)

Becca made this most delicious dessert for supper and there was a few pieces taken out for they guys in the field and you see there was a problem after that happened. The cake was CROOKED!!! Can you believe it?? But fear not, us girls had just the salutation! 

We all helped out in the straightening processes :) 

It was really yummy !!

I twas a good day!